“The Internet of Things assures automation and data exchange. This will change our future and the way we work and live.”

Have you heard this before?

I’m sure you have.


IoT refers to a network of physical devices, home appliances, and all kinds of appliances that are used with sensors, electronics, connectivity, etc to improve connection and data exchange.

The IoT provides a platform for people to connect these devices and control them with big data technology. This in turn will further effectiveness in performance, economic benefits, and minimize the need for human involvement.

The development of IoT is one…

How many projects have you listed on your resume?

Now compare this number with the actual number of projects you have done till today.

Why haven’t you mentioned all of them on your resume?
I think the majority of us have few similar reasons for not doing so.
One of them is that half of those projects we did, were solely for submissions and marks and we don’t know anything at all about them.

The next reason could be, even if we know those projects well, we know they barely hold any value. These are the classic projects engineering students…

Here are 45 basic Linux commands that every beginner should learn. Their various options and uses are also mentioned! Happy scripting!

  1. ls
    -> Displays a listing of information about files. Its default behavior is to return a list of files contained within the current directory.
    -l: long display [the o/p gives more information about each of the files listed]
    -r: prints the results in reverse alphabetical order.
    -t: sorts the files by timestamp
    -S: sorts the files by file size
    -a: shows all hidden files (eg. files starting with ‘.’ )
    ls> *filename*: used for redirection. Saves o/p into a new file in pwd instead of printing…

Don’t we all want the best jobs and wish to have the best careers possible?

We all desire to find the field which will grow in the future, which will have lots of opportunities in the future as well as have great pay.

We can never just go with the flow when it comes to career and our future. It is important to make an informed decision.

It is necessary that we understand and try to find out which domains guarantee good growth and future.

So, today, we are going to look at something which is going to help you…

What do you think would happen if cricket was taught at an engineering college?

We would probably have theory lectures and then labs/practicals (for supposedly giving us “hands-on knowledge”) yeah?

There would maybe be 8 semesters with probably different subjects, for example, a subject on how the pitch works, stumps, bat and ball, and so on.

Students would sit in a confined space and learn for months, probably gain so much theoretical knowledge and even get amazing marks.

But after passing out, the day the student actually enters the field would he/she know how to play?

The students' theoretical knowledge…

Job Requirement: Technical skills + communication skills (equally important)
Person: Oh, communication is fine. I’m good with English. I’ll focus on the technical part mainly.

Isn’t this what most of us believe?
That, because we have confidence and have good proficiency with English, we are good communicators.

Well, that’s where we are wrong.

Communication, effective communication, is much more than just being fluent in some language.

Effective Communication is the ability to convey information to another effectively and efficiently.
When communicating with others, we often focus on what we should say. …

We all hurry with everything.
We want to get everything done at the same time.
We struggle with deadlines.

Not just that, but all of us also hate doing boring things.

As an example, let’s think about a newbie in athletics. He loves sprints or quick exercises. Why?
Because this gives him the feel. This gives a rush of adrenaline, makes his job interesting and exciting.

But if you tell him to do endurance training or similar activities, he might not like it much or enjoy it.

We can use this analogy for us, coders or techies, too.
Whenever someone tells…

Question: How many things are going on in your mind right now?
How many tasks in your head are you planning to get done?

(Likely) Answer: 4? 5? 6? Many more? Let’s just say too many.
Why? Simple: We forget that 98% of humans cannot effectively multitask and we do not realize that constantly switching between tasks massively reduces our ability to focus and be productive!

“Jack of all trades, master of none” is a figure of speech you must have heard before. …

Today is Friday.
Your project deadline is on Sunday and you haven’t started doing your project yet.

Sounds like a familiar situation to you?
I’m sure it does.

Isn’t this something almost all of us do?
We procrastinate and never plan our things ahead of time.

Why? Well, because we know we can get ready projects from GitHub or elsewhere and run them in a span of just one day. We submit it, we get the marks! All set!

But the fact is, by doing this every month, every semester, we are doing something extremely wrong for ourselves.

When we…

I won’t bore you right away but it is important to first see,
What is a CTF?

In a simple analogy,
What hackathon is to a software developer,
CTF is to someone who wants to make a career in Cyber Security.

CTFs give a nice feel of problem-solving. It boosts critical thinking and along the way, we end up learning a lot of security concepts.

In my opinion, the best way is to just dive into the CTF world.
Solve your first challenge today! Don’t think or make plans for later.

Don’t think that first, you need to learn something…

Meera Tamboli

Just trying to find my space amidst all the chaos

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